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  2. Wasyl

    Blue Archive Reroll App

    Blue Archive faster reroll
  3. Hi @Mila432, first thanks for all the work you've already done. I've seen your work on King of Avalon bot and that will help me in anycase. I'm actually trying to make a bot on this game and would like to know if you can share some techniques to get API endpoint and their data. Actually i use HTTP Sniffer to see HTTP requests but seems that KOA use SSL pining on their app (It's strange because i actually see the request but not denied just no response). I was thinking about using Frida to bypass the SSL pining (If this is the problem) but seems KOA use IL2CP
  4. 0x0F0F0F

    AFK Arena Bot Python

    It's crazy that you allow yourself to complain while he / she creates totally free and opensource bots. Respect a little the work done
  5. bismark

    Nier reincarnation

    Thanks a lot bro :)
  6. Mila432

    Nier reincarnation

    here you go, i no longer work on this gl https://github.com/Mila432/NieR-Re-in-carnation-Python-Bot
  7. bismark

    Nier reincarnation

    Nice, I hope to see something soon ^^ I play like crazy man since day 1 and the community is missing a good wiki on that game 🙂
  8. Mila432

    Nier reincarnation

    I have a bot since jp release but the code is very WIP, the Technologie they use does not really make it easy
  9. wildi

    Beta over

    The store Looks empty to me is there something I need to do to enable my account or something?
  10. bismark

    Nier reincarnation

    Hello, the game just came out in GL and it could be awesome to have a bot I'm also interested in the game data to be able to make a database website for the community 🙂 bismark
  11. a farmer bot for db legends would be very good and it is also very profitable and can't be found, could you make one?
  12. Vaan

    Beta over

    Interesting ....
  13. mpbci

    State of Survival

    Hi, Did you ever look at State of Survival (https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/kingsgroup-holdings/state-of-survival/)? If you have encryption, I can help with datamining and bot coding. It's the same studio as King of Avalon that you've reversed some time ago. Might be similar. mpbci
  14. Mila432

    Bot for DISGAEA RPG released!

    if you play DISGAEA RPG, you can use our bot to speed up the farming get it now! https://github.com/Mila432/DISGAEA-RPG-Python-Bot
  15. Mila432

    seven deadly sins

    it was released https://github.com/Coded-Bots/The-Seven-Deadly-Sins-Bot
  16. NML

    seven deadly sins

    Any update, bro?
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