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    What programs are required before you can use any of these bots? - Python 2.X (download here) What operating systems are supported? Everything from Windows, MacOS and *NIX is supported. MacOS comes with python 2.X preinstalled. On *NIX you have to execute apt-get install python2 On windows refer to the first point. Next steps: After installing python, you basically meet all requirements. If you are using windows there is one additional step before you have everything that is needed. Head over here and download the "Microsoft C++ Build Tools".
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    updated the code for the latest version
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    Read this first https://codedbots.com/topic/41-basic-setup-read-before-using-bots/ ! Now download the bot here: <<<link>>> Before you can use it, execute this commands: Windows: C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install requests C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install pycrypto MacOS / *NIX: pip install requests pip install pycrypto
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