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On 5/5/2020 at 12:52 PM, MIchaelsted said:

How do I load the bot with python? 


You'll need some kind of python executable environment- there's an official one out there that you get into from the command line, or a shortcut executable that you can make.


From there you navigate to the directory of the file or script that you're attempting to launch, run the script and you should be good to go.


Of course with a framework bot like the one Mila shared, it may not be as straight forward, and there may be bugs along the way. 

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Yo Mila nice to see you’re still around haha 

quick question, is Global version stats still can’t be hacked? Haven’t looked into this game in ages but still haunts me...

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i managed to get the "main.py" file to load but i still dont know how to actually edit my username or navigate the bot. anyone got it to work and could probably help me out?

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