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Hello I am new to using bots and python script as well, I downloaded the Naruto Ninja Blazing bot and I am having a little difficulties. The main difficulty is with "pip install pycrypto". I was able to install requests but I get an error and a lot of red color text when I try to install pycrypto, could someone walk me through that? Also I am having trouble finding where to access other bots? I would like to try the bleach brave souls bot as well and maybe the dokkan battle bot as I already use the blade 5 bot for dokkan. Are all of the bots free or do some have to be paid? Thank you for your help and I am sorry to inconvenience with my noob questions. Thank you

I am also wondering what are the rules of pinging trusted users and mila themself? Just in case I have more questions. I also have discord if there is maybe a iscord server I could joing for help?

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